Terrible food and staff

Terrible food and staff We came here for new year party. We were trully disapointed. We pay 250€ for eveing for two people. We got one glass of champagne, very dry chicken and pork stake with vegetables from refridgerator… It was horrible.. We got only few peaces of meet on table and two small plates of salads and also some fruits and Coffee. Room service was horrible, we were waiting for almost half an hour until someone came to registration to check us in. And what is more, owner of hotel was together in new year evening.. His table was full of food and drinks, and as he got drunk The party ended… It was only about half past one in a morning.
Not recommend it at all.. Pool and kitchen are so small, even not enough place if there will be more than 15 people at The same time for breakfast. See photos of our super party evening snacks..

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