Back to Russian times

That was really an experience!
We booked a room at the “Wellness Hotel Energetikas” just next to the Baltic Sea. When we arrived there, even with navigation, we could hardly find it. We had to pass a couple of small wooden houses at the beach, finally we stood in front of a “Schlagbaum” which all of a sudden opened and we arrived at these fantastic buildings. We entered the hotel door and the receptionist looked at us with big eyes. When I mentioned that we had a reservation she handed a piece of paper and said: “Fill in”. We did so and when we handed the papers over she said: “You have to pay, now!” Ok, it was late and we did. Then she showed our room 4203 after a long walk through the, I have to say, sanatorium – not a hotel!!!
The room was a joke and when I wanted to charge my mobile phone, the laptop and iPad, I had to unplug the TV, because there was no other possibility. The laptop I charged in the bathroom!
When taking a shower next morning, the water ran into the bathroom and when washing your hands, the tap of the shower flew over – unbelievable!
Breakfast was also a joke with a type of sanatorium breakfast.
When we wanted to drive out from this territory, the Schlagbaum did not open. I went back twice to reception to ask to open it. Finally we made it and I can clearly say that I will NEVER EVER go back there